Terms and Conditions 

1. Payment of services is required before the technician arrives on site by card or bank transfer or on the day after the work is complete. The amount is to be paid in full on that day.
2. It is the clients responsibly to remove all loose items and personal effects, such as towels, tooth brushes etc from the bathroom.
3. If our technician arrives and the bath has been resurfaced before, there will be an additional charge to strip the old coating off of £85.
4. We can not have any other trades working in the same room or causing duct whilst we work as this will effect your finish on the bath.
5. It is the client’s responsibility to remove the shower screen prior to us arriving & put back on.
6. We cannot start work where there is any dripping taps. If we arrive and cant work due to a dripping tap you will be charged a call out fee of £50.
7. We require access to power and light whilst on the property and can work without it.
8. No further work should be carried out in the bathrooms after we have completed the resurfacing for a period of 48 hours, as the coating will be soft and is likely to get damaged.
9. We will not accept liability for damaged caused by third parties during or after the drying period.
10. When painting the exterior of baths and feet we will paint it upto the visible lip and the outside of the feet. We can not paint the back of the bath if up against a wall.
11. Parking permits and costs will be covered by the client on site.
12. We do not guarantee the reoccurrence of rust.
13. Works cancelled within 48 hours of site visit will still be charged in full.
14. A call out fee of £50 will be charged if the work can not be carried out.