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Chip Repair

Is your bath or shower tray damaged or has a chip in it. We can come and do an invisible chip repair on it and make it disappear.



The Superior Repair Procedure

Our Technician will come in and have a look at the chip or repair that needs to be done.

He will then repair the damage first but filling the area and then smoothing it back out to the same contour and texture as the original surface.

Then he will go on to matching the colour of the repair. This take years of experience to get right. He will start with a basic colour and mix in other colours until he feels it is correct. Then he will put a sample on the area and dry it to see if its a good match. Once confirm he will move onto the next stage.

Colour confirmed he will then use our special Superior Bath Repair Bonding agent on the repair to allow the new surface to bond to the old. Then the surface that needs to be repair will be sprayed in and blending out so that you can not see the repair area.

Bath and shower trays are generally installed in houses prior to walls being completed.  Therefore, when damage is discovered at the end of the building process, it is not always possible to replace the bath.

Superior Bath Repair has one of the best chip repair services in the Uk. Our technicians have been trained up to the highest standard and are able to colour match any colour.

We get a lot of builders calling us asking for emergency chip repairs to sinks or shower trays. If you have an emergency chip repair that you need sorting out give us a call today on 0208 226 4212

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