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Hotel Bath Maintenance Service

If your bath is chipped or dull its not going to leave a good impression on clients as they arrive and leave their room.

Superior Bath Repair provides a cost effective maintenance service as well as anti-slip application service to ensure your bath stays safe and looks its best.

We will come and visit your hotel when it suits you and the rooms can be booked out for us to do work on them. We can do any chip repairs and full bath re-enamelling on the selected baths.

We do a lot of Anti-slip coatings for the major London hotels as well as the surrounding areas. They find that its not worth the risk of a client slipping in the bath and employ us to apply the anti-slip surface to all their baths.

Anti-Slip Application

We got a lot of calls from our clients asking us if we did an anti-slip solution for baths. We went away and formulated SlipTech. 

SlipTech is our unique anti-slip solution. Some people use bath mats or towels in hotels and at home to stop the bath from being so slippery. They both do the job but look unattractive and if forgotten about can quickly leave limescale build up in the bath and mould will develop.

We wanted to create the perfect anti-slip solution for baths; effective, low cost, long lasting and practical, whether applied in the home or in a business environment like a hotel. We wanted to offer our clients an effective anti-slip solution that works well and looks nice.

Our SlipTech solution is permanently fixed to the bath enamel, looks nice and provides considerable friction against human feet covered in water, shower gels or bath oils.

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