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Bath Re-Surfacing

Why I Should Re Enamel my Bath?

Bath re enamelling benefits home-owners, hotels, motels, apartments and other property managers by providing a cost effective alternative to bath replacement.
For example, a new bathtub may cost as little as £300, but when you add the cost of tearing down that old bath, removing it, getting rid of the bath and all the fixtures, and then dumping all the mess including that heavy bath at the landfill. Bathroom remodeling costs go up when you add the bath replacement parts, tile work, flooring and carpentry. Bath re enamelling requires only one contractor to be involved in the bathtub refinishing job, thereby saving you the time, mess, and cost of trying to coordinate multiple contractors.

Our Professional Bath Re Enamelling Process:

• First, we check the tubs for damage. Any damaged silicon is removed. Next, we thoroughly clean the tub or sink.

• We fix any damage such as chips, deep scratches, etc. While we wait for this process to dry we mask off all items in the bathroom to protect from any possible dust caused by the spraying process. A fan is put in the window to extract any fumes from the bathroom.

• After all this is done, we are ready to begin the process of spraying.The first three coats are an special primer.

• Next, we spray the new surfaces with a specialised heated spray gun, which is designed for indoor use

• Your bath now needs to sit, while the enamel cures.

• Remove all masking and protection

• Your sparkling new re-enamelled bath is now ready to use

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