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Bath Re-Enamelling

About Bathtub Re-Enameling

Bath Enameling is the system in which baths, shower trays and sinks are refinished to look like brand new. With Resurfacing your tired bath and also shower can be repaired to their own original white shine in situ – in just 4-6 hours – for a small percentage of replacement price.

Throughout the years, due to severe abrasive cleansers, your bath has almost certainly lost the shine it once had. In addition to that, the surface has really turned out to be porous to the stage where continuing to keep the bath tidy is quite hard if not close to impossible. Grime and detergent scum tend to be captured and lodged in the roughened finish exactly like a sponge or cloth absorbs liquid.

Bath Re-Enameling can correct every one of these issues.

Bath Re-Enamelling VS Replacement

With traditional replacement, the greatest difficulties are involved with getting rid of the old bath. The “we will smash it up” method means that the tiles and plumbing will be affected.  The old plumbing system is usually in the completely wrong location to fit the new bath; more time and expense. In addition the expense of the new bath, floor and wall tiles as well as a plumber and decorator. With this in mind it is straight forward to understand where the price of replacing a bath might go into hundreds of pounds – let alone the dirt, disturbance and hassle of having plumbers walk in and out your home for days and days or longer than a week. Lastly, there certainly is the inconvenience of not being able to make use of your own bathroom for all the time this work is going on.

With Bath Re Enameling the broken and worn out bath can easily be restored to it’s unique original shininess in less than a day. You are actually saved from the down-time and bother of substitution.

The Superior Bath Re-Enamelling Procedure:

• First, We inspect the bath for damage. Any damaged silicon is gotten rid of. Next, we extensively clean the bath or shower tray before Re-Enamelling.

• We deal with any damage including rust, dings, etc. Whilst we wait for this to dry we cover up all the items in the bathroom.

• Once all masked up and the bath is ready for the new enamel, we then apply the special Superior Bath Repair bonding agent.

• Then, we apply the new enamel with a specialized very hot spray gun, that is tailored for household use.

• We allow your bath to dry, so the new enamel sets.

• Once dry we then (free of charge) flat and polish the bath so you end up with a shiny, smooth easy to clean surface. We then take off all masking and protection.

• Your new shiny re enamelled bath is ready to use.

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